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Personal Bankruptcy Scarborough

Antonina (Toni) Miller is licensed by the federal government as a bankruptcy trustee in Toronto. She is a qualified insolvency counsellor and a chartered insolvency and restructuring professional. You can trust in her experience, as she has been working with both personal and small business insolvency for over 20 years.

Why You Need a Toronto Bankruptcy Trustee

Bankruptcy is not an easy process to navigate even without the additional stress and life changes that may accompany it. Since this is a legal process, a licensed bankruptcy trustee is required to help ensure that all the steps are correctly followed and that you are fully advised of your responsibilities and rights.

bankruptcy trustee in Toronto is licensed by Canada’s Superintendent of Bankruptcy to:

  • Formulate and administer proposals
  • Ensure that the rights of all those involved are protected

Licensed bankruptcy trustees are among the most highly qualified and experienced debt consultants in Toronto, having met requirements for practical experience as well as rigorous training, examination and background checks.

As an experienced bankruptcy trustee, Toronto’s Antonina Miller knows that each client’s finances are unique and that bankruptcy is not always the best solution. We can help you assess your situation and decide on an alternative, such as filing a consumer proposal. If declaring bankruptcy is the next necessary step, we will guide you through the filing of necessary documents, mediate with your creditors and offer you counselling to help you maintain sound financial health in the future.

Proactive Solutions

With a professional bankruptcy trusteeScarborough clients can work through their debt situations. No matter what the scale of your debt, we will provide you with individualized attention in order to find achievable solutions. So don’t delay, and schedule your free consultation with A. Miller & Associates Inc.

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